SEO results in three months

Where is the money for PPC coming from

One of the hardest things to accomplish is fast SEO results. Most business and entrepreneurs are not willing to pay for SEO companies that might not deliver results right away or at all. If PPC only gives you 20% exposure and you can get top ranking doubling or tripling exposure for a fraction of the cost why don’t more companies don’t take advantage of it.

Accountants are running the show by calculating ROI based on SEM budgets.

SEM is easy to predict. I can see instantly where my dollars are going and quantify the profit generated from a PPC campaign. SEO is usually less expensive but a constant fee.

SEO is like a windmill that continually produces the same amount of energy/leads while SEM is a nuclear power plant. I can’t ask wind turbine to produce more energy but if I have enough of them the could supply all my needs. Yet having a nuclear power plant gives me the ability to call it into service to make my monthly/yearly numbers.

In the end SEM should only be a complementary to SEO efforts to a successful online campaign.

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