SEO results in three months

Where is the money for PPC coming from

One of the hardest things to accomplish is fast SEO results. Most business and entrepreneurs are not willing to pay for SEO companies that might not deliver results right away or at all. If PPC only gives you 20% exposure and you can get top ranking doubling or tripling exposure for a fraction of the cost why don’t more companies don’t take advantage of it.

Accountants are running the show by calculating ROI based on SEM budgets.

SEM is easy to predict. I can see instantly where my dollars are going and quantify the profit generated from a PPC campaign. SEO is usually less expensive but a constant fee.

SEO is like a windmill that continually produces the same amount of energy/leads while SEM is a nuclear power plant. I can’t ask wind turbine to produce more energy but if I have enough of them the could supply all my needs. Yet having a nuclear power plant gives me the ability to call it into service to make my monthly/yearly numbers.

In the end SEM should only be a complementary to SEO efforts to a successful online campaign.

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Getting paid vs. Getting traffic. Can I do both?

A constant comment on my blog is. Why are you not making money in this blog.

I have managed multiple websites and analysed on the best ways to make money. I believe that making a viable website/blog with good quality content is the key. Build something people want to pay to place a link, banner or code is the key it is also the long term result of many unpaid hours of work building up to that.

Write and talk about something you are passionate and or knowledgeable about. Get familiar with SEM so you know how to use pad your text with long-tail key phrases not as a dirty SEO trick but more like a good common SEO text based practice.

Why are there so many comments on my blog regarding making money with my brand new blog? Not because they are sincerely concerned about my economic situation. I am sure I am not the only blog that get those comments. It is because they want to show me or sell me something I already know.

When you write about something you are passionate about, that is payment enough but down the line that passion can turn into real profit.

Consistent quality work will always pay better that get reach quick skims and easy turn key solutions. Remember very few unsolicited contacts are in it just for themselves. Trust in your real friends but only after you test them.

Never trust in my statements test my results.

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Top Searches for “SEO”

What do people look when they type SEO.

Keyword Global Monthly Local Monthly

what is seo  9,140,000 1,830,000

how to seo  9,140,000 1,830,000

seo search  823,000 301,000

search engine seo  673,000 301,000

seo optimization  673,000 246,000

seo optimisation  550,000 246,000

seo company  450,000 165,000

seo rankings  450,000 201,000

seo positioning  450,000 201,000

seo services  368,000 110,000

seo companies  368,000 135,000

seo service  368,000 90,500

seo firm  301,000 110,000

seo firms  246,000 90,500

seo marketing  246,000 90,500

marketing seo  246,000 90,500

seo business  246,000 90,500

business seo  246,000 90,500

seo site  201,000 49,500

web seo  201,000 40,500

website seo  165,000 49,500

seo website  165,000 49,500

seo tools  165,000 40,500

google seo  165,000 40,500

seo for google  165,000 40,500

seo software  165,000 33,100

best seo  110,000 40,500

seo program  110,000 27,100

seo consulting  110,000 33,100

top seo  110,000 33,100

blog seo  110,000 14,800

seo programs  90,500 22,200

on page seo  90,500 27,100

free seo  90,500 22,200

seo tips  90,500 22,200

seo consultancy  74,000 22,200

seo consultants  74,000 27,100

professional seo  74,000 22,200

seo in young  74,000 9,900

seo book  74,000 18,100

internet seo  60,500 14,800

seo jobs  60,500 8,100  60,500 9,900

seo cost  60,500 22,200


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Top ranked “Houston SEO” websites

I did a search today for Houston SEO in Yahoo and this is what I found:

  • Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing … We see all kinds of advertisements from web design companies, from big firms to fly-by-nighters, that offer web hosting as one of the many …

  • Houston SEO and Web Services serving the Internet Marketing Community for the past 12 years. The Houston web design and Houston Web marketing industries have seen the …

  • Houston based search engine optimization firm offering Internet marketing, SEO consulting, social media campaigns, Internet search advertising and branding services, SEO

  • Houston SEO! SEO-Exchange provides exceptional website design and SEO marketing services that are eye-catching and will increase your web presence!

  • Our Houston SEO services help you build a strong presence in the search engines so that your website shows up whenever people are searching for the products and services …

  • An quality promotional video add that is well promoted and distributed will increase qualified web site traffic and conversion rates. Read online for more details!

  • HOUSTON SEO – The Number 1 SEO COMPANY – Search Engine Optimization Experts – SEM Search Engine Marketing Experts – Get PAGE ONE at Google – Yahoo – YouTube

    Notice how three of the top ten ranked websites use the words ” Houston and SEO” in the domain name. Having the best domain name like Does not guarantee success. In this case the owners of the best potential domain did not rank well because they redirected the domain instead of using it for an actual website. Owning a quality domain has value but using it properly is the best way to get achieve their full potential. On the other hand was the top SEM spot. Paying top dollar for a ranking position that should be already theirs.

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    Using Vanity URL as name in Resume

    I purchased

    As a rule most resumes start with a name. I converted my name and resume title into an invitation to my Linkedin Profile page.

    Vanity URL for Resume Title

    Vanity URL for Resume Title

    This was a unique and creative way to make my resume stand from the crowd. I am an SEO, SEM, Web designer with a strong background in marketing. This idea might not work for everybody.

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    Vanity domain names in Linkedin name

    As far as I know I am the first person to modify their Linkedin profile name converting it to a web address.

    Just by adding a dash to my first name Francisco- and a .com to my last name every time I make a comment on one of my Linkedin groups people not only see my name but a website.

    What happens when you type in the website it takes you to my Linkedin profile.

    Discalimers: I purchased the domain name before I change my first and last name in

    Note: There is a space between Francisco- but most people that would type in the address would know to remove the space.

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    will SEO for

    Today I realized that even if I have valuable skills in:

    • Graphic Design
    • Web design
    • Account Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • e-mail marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Bilingual

    I really want a job that needs most of them. I also want a job that really needs my SEO skills which are my passion.

    I find man jobs that require one or just a few of them. Giving up one or a few would be ok except for SEO. I know the best possible job for me is out there and it would also be the most satisfying and  profitable.

    I just don’t know how to become a consultant when all my interviews feel like a free Consulting strategy meeting. Am I to smart for my own good?

    I feel like wearing a sing in Downtown Houston that reads “will SEO for”


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    The SEO Whisperer

    I have found a few things over the years. I have two identical twitter accounts. One is based on my business name the other one is

    I was driving and a saw a track with the Computer Whisperer and I liked it so I changed the name to my field. I secured the domain name.

    I had a twitter account for cervantesdesign!/cervantesdesign/ I decided to create a new one with my brand new identity!/theseowhisperer/ I use TweetDeck which allows me to create multiple feeds from the same location.

    I started to tweet identical tweets for both account but The SEO Whisperer get much more followers.

    In the end a clever name will open more doors than the right or proper name.

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    Welcome to the Houston SEO blog

    I know more about SEO and SEM thank most people, even more than most in the Marketing field but I am still new at this and there is much more to learn.

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    Is SEO, SMM, and SEM important to your business?

    Only if customers are. Most people don’t know what these terms are.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

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