The Three basic website needs

The three basics to have a functional website.

Easy to use
Always assume your clients have basic computer skills. Make it as easy for them to find your inventory, services, and contact information. Cervantes Design Website, for example, does all the work for you. Our websites are engineered to produce sales.

Every page in your website should include a phone number to call for immediate assistance. When a client walks through the doors of your dealership, chances are, he doesn’t want to be bothered with a salesperson. However, when he sees a car he likes, he can’t find a salesperson fast enough. The same scenario happens with your internet clients; once they find what they are looking for, they will want to contact a dealership right way, usually by phone or email.

E-mails from clients tend to be perceived only as people fishing for prices. We should reshape this outlook and view each e-mail as a potential client behind it. In average, luxury car dealerships took more than 10 hours to reply to e-mails and around 50 to follow-up. Using these statistics, you have a little more than ten hours to beat your competition. In the world of the blind, a one eye man is king. Do you think you can do this?

If you have a strong phone-up process, developing an e-mail process should be easy. In a recent mystery-shop study, luxury car dealerships failed to achieve a minimum score for setting appointments in both e-mail and phone calls. That’s where Traver comes in but that’s another story.

Easy on the eyes
Your website should be attractive but simple. Experts have found that websites need white space, areas with no graphical or text elements so the eyes can rest. You should run routine surveys of your web clients to find exactly what they think about the look and functionality of your website. The better it is, the better it will sell.

Easy to find
Your website can have the best functionality and award winning design but if your client can’t find it, what’s the point? The web is slowly taking over as the preferred form of research for purchasing and servicing a vehicle.

Imagine if every time someone in your area looked for:

  • a car dealership
  • new car brands you carry
  • used models in your inventory
  • automobile service
  • automobile body shop
  • automobile parts

your website showed up number one in the sponsored area. Statistics show 30% effectiveness when your website shows here and 63% effectiveness when it also is in the top three rankings. You know you can have this for less than an average dealership’s newspaper advertising budget with much better results. Isn’t this a paradigm shift?

But remember, before you take over the web, make sure you have strong phone and e-mail processes in place. You can’t clean them before you catch them.

This article was tailored for car dealerships but we have satisfied customers in all kinds of businesses. We can manage both Google and Yahoo accounts for you. For more info e-mail us at

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