Newspaper vs. Internet is today’s Dealership’s paradigm 

Newspaper vs. Internet is today’s Dealership’s paradigm 

I am going to explain the system of “search sponsorship.  Have you noticed when you make a search in Yahoo! or Google that there is a box on top of the ranked pages with two or three bullets?  Have you ever wondered how did these companies get to appear here?


The sponsor area is a paid area offered for sale to the highest bidder.  I am going to give you a detail chart of “Houston Ford” search criteria for June.


Search No.

No. of Searches

Search “Ford


Est. Mo. Clicks

Cost per Click

Est. Mo. Budget



Ford Houston








Ford Dealer Houston











Ford Dealer Houston













Champion Ford Houston Gulf Freeway










Dealer Ford Houston Truck











Ford Houston Southern TX





Yahoo! has a tool that lets you see the amount of searches done the previous month and the cost to advertise in them.  There were a total number of 46 variable searches related to “Houston Ford”. When you sponsor a phrase, you are able to select a smart sponsorship that automatically advertises in variations related to the original sponsored search.


There were over 200,000 searches for “Houston West” alone!  The cost to sponsor “Houston Ford” and its variables is around $1000.00 a month.  Keep this in mind if you decide to be the top bidder in this area.  The previous top bidder is going to notice and probably increase his bid to stay on top.  You have two options to stay on top, actively review your ranking or bluff.  I have seen bidders go over the top bidding by $10.00 to stay on top, even when the next bidder down is only offering $2.00.  Keep in mind you only pay 1 cent above your highest bidder.


Yahoo! and Google also offer local business sponsorships.  Search engines are sometimes able to determine what area of town you are searching from, and will give a higher priority to a local sponsorship.  You are able to do a local sponsorship for a 25 to 100 mile radius from your business location(s).  No other form of advertising is this fair; you pay what the market dictates.


Yahoo! and Google only charge you if your link was clicked on and your website was visited.  The service could take up to 48 hours to take effect, but it’s normally much less.  The system is also reviewed and won’t let you advertise on searches like “Champion Ford Houston Gulf Freeway” unless you are them.


Ranking is mostly achievable using a SEO, Search Engine Optimization service, and it takes time and effort to stay there.  That is why SEO services don’t use one time fees.  SEO requires a system of continual monitoring to stay ahead of the search engines ever changing criteria’s.  Sponsor and ranking complement each other, so ranking high in both is only a plus.


What about Google?  Google uses a similar system.  It calculates how popular your link is, how many visitors stay on your website, and how long.  Being the top bidder does not mean you are the top ranked sponsor with them.  Google is harder to manage and more expensive, but it is also a much bigger search engine that can produce more leads.  If you spend $1,000 a month on Yahoo! prepare to spend $4000.00 with Google, and expect 4 to 5 times the traffic generation from them as well.  Google is the highest ranked search engine so it will generate daily leads.


Ask yourself this question.  What could produce more leads, the Internet or the Newspaper?  You could dominate your business web markets for a fraction of your newspaper budget with better results.


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