A Business Generating Website

If a company or individual was to ask me how I can achieve a business generating website. The total amount of funds required to saturate the market is much less that regular advertising but it’s not free.

Business Niche - When planning a web campaign businesses have to find out where they do well. What gives them the most profit; in what area of the market do they provide the competitive product or service. These are the areas where we would gather our key words. Generating a list of key phrases is the first step.

Key words - Once we capture possible key words we run them by a search engine key word finder. We would run our determined key words and compared them to the nationally collected key words and determine if we are on track. Depending on the available budget and business niche we might get anywhere from five to 20 phrases to pursue. That varies with each business and budget.

Once the key phrases are determined it is not a bad idea to list them. Each individual key phrase should have its own web page on the website. Let’s say we determined that “ Houston web consulting” was one of the key phrases. A page with a the title “Houston web consulting”, and a couple of paragraphs describing the term and why this company provides the best service on it, would do great to improve that particular phrase’s ranking. Keeping the entire phrases list needs to be available to the website’s copyrighter in not a bad idea because we want to plug these phrases on all website text. It is good to also make each instance of the phrase on the website be a links to its own web page.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization should be left out to professionals. Sometimes companies what to delegate this to a member of their staff but they shouldn’t. They won’t know what they are doing and big mistake could cause a website to be banned for a year or longer from search engines. The average cost is around one-thousand per year for five mainstream key phrases for a year. The more demand for a key phrase the more it cost, that’s why businesses need a niche. Even the best SEO Company will take months to increase the rankings so patience is important.

Pay-Per-Click - The American way says “I need it now” Where SEO is an effort to increase the ranking position of a website, PPC lets a business sponsor a key phrase advertising. Every search engine has on its top, bottom, and side non-numbered websites with descriptions and links. These are for sale to the highest bidder. Search engines are looking for popularity and relevance along with money. If a link is not relevant to the browsing audience, and they instantly go back, they will show that link less even if it pays more. They want to provide their clients with a functional link or their client would stop using sponsored link and search engines won’t make money a website sponsorship was to match the search phrase with the content of the website is sponsoring, that is why the individual articles for the key phrases are so important. Search engines allow specific web pages to be linked not just the home page so tailoring is always a great idea. Example somebody types “Houston web consulting” they see a sponsor ad’s title say “Houston web consulting” and the description say “Houston top web consulting firm doing business since…”, they would think in their mind “this guys read my mind they must know exactly what I need” .Search engine marketing accounts help you track conversions, visits that made it to a chopping cart or a contact us page. Since these leads cost money it is not a bad idea to pre qualify them by adding in the description mayor objections to the sale or the product or service. Finally, I set up a few business PPC account for local businesses, I was able to sponsor all the searches relevant an irrelevant for the city of Katy, TX for around 10 cents each. When the budget allows outreaching to all possible areas where business might be generated is a good idea. Search engine marketing also allows you to only market on your local business area, options from 25 to 200 miles around the business location are available.

Quality Domain Names – When the website’s key phrases are determined and listed it is a good idea to go thru the list and purchase each of their domain names sample houstonlogodesign.com when available and point them to that particular page on the website, it will help that web page’s ranking. Search engines like multiple domain names pointing to a website. For less that $10 a year it is worth it to hold as many quality industry .com or .net domain names as possible. Pay-per-click accounts are more effective if the phrase browsers are using to find a business is the same as the domain name advertised for it. This is custom tailoring your web presence based on browsers known patterns. One warning when anybody searches for a domain name’s availability it generated a repost, it is imperative to be able to buy the domain name at the time it’s searched or it might be lost.

Industry Blog – A great idea to be a leader of a niche industry is the development of an industry niche blog. Search engines love blogs and give them high rankings. If a business gets their employees, clients, vendors, and outside industry experts to participate it could become a viable source of quality industry information with that particular business branding on it. In todays market most hosting companies offer free blogs with hosting and there are innumerable places to find free bogs on the net.

Press Releases – A monthly press release it’s a great way to show that a website is not static. Keeping a list of the key phrases is not a bad idea. That way their inclusion on the press releases would be even more beneficial.

Relevant Link Exchange – A good website should have a link exchange area. It will require that somebody review the links, adds them, and monitors them. A quality SEO company would build, monitor, and actively search out and request link exchanges for their clients.

Industry Directory – Search engines love directories. A company that own, manages, runs their business niche directory will achieve top ranking fast. Since they run the directory they can design the directory with their branding and run their advertising exclusively on it. This acts as a super link exchange listing all the businesses in the industry but advertising and promoting only the directory owner. This has to be done tactfully, not to show a great bias and still providing a service to the industry as a whole. A directory would require web programming and it’s not as easy to do as a blog.

E-newsletter – Adding an e-newsletter to a website is a great tool to maintain communication on clients. By sending them a monthly or quarterly newsletter that contains offers, coupons, valuable information on the industry. The best thing about it is that it does not cost a thing; it can be done in as little as a few hours.

Call to action - All web pages should have a logo, phone number, and a link to the free e-newsletter, blog, would be a plus. Remember top ranking doesn’t happen by accident, it is a methodical, labor intensive, ever changing, but achievable goal.

Francisco Cervantes
Owner of CervantesDesign.com


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