10 things to help you business
  1. Logo – If you are a small business and don’t have a logo get one. All of the other key point to help your business rely on branding your company. It is a very difficult thing to do without a logo. More information on logos
  2. Website – Every business can benefit from a well designed website. A website is an up to date presentation of your services to your clients. Let’s say your company’s name is Alpha Graphics, your website should be official domain should be alphagraphics.com. You can also purchase Houstonprinter.com. This secondary domain name can be redirected to your official domain name but it has three features: it’s easy to remember, it tells your client your service area, and what you do. More information on websites
  3. E-mail – You should use your websites domain name for all business related e-mails. Every time you use your websites e-mail account (sales@cervantesdesign.com) you tell your contact what your website is. More information on e-mails
  4. Stationary branding – Every document that comes out of a business should be branded with the company logo and website. If all your envelopes, letters, and invoices feature a well designed logo with a catchy, easy to remember website you are well on your way to establish your branding.
  5. Web promotion – There is two types of web promotions, natural and purchased. Natural is when somebody uses a search engine to look for something. A search engine will generate and number a list of websites that meet the search criteria. A purchased promition is when a search engines allows a business to sponsor a search criteria. That allows a business to purchase an advertising spot on a specific search. Let’s say I am a logo designer in Houston I would want to sponsor “Houston logo ” from search. More information on web promotion
  6. Signage – Your place of business signage should reflect your logo and website. Internally and externally your clients should be able to recognize your logo and website. The use of neon or LED signs for night use could greatly increase the visibility of your website and logo.
  7. Vehicle Graphics – Every personal and business vehicle in operation should have your logo, website and a 3 to 5 bulleted list of services. It is also much better to use a website as the contact information than a phone number. How many people do you think can remember a 10 digit number in a few seconds?
  8. Promotional Items – Promotional items using your logo and website are a great way to impress your clients and improve your corporate branding.
  9. Garments – Every employee of your company should have your company branding on what the wear where they are in front of the client. Nice polo shirts for sales reps and silk screened t-shirts for regular workers. This only applies if the worked are exposed to clients.
  10. E-newsletter – Gather an e-mail list of your clients and send them an e-mail once a month. It is free and a nice what to stay connected.

Francisco Cervantes
Owner of CervantesDesign.com


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