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There is no easy or cheap way to promote your site, even more if you don't it's worthless to have one when nobody knows it's there.

Your market plays a big role on how effective your site is going to be. You are going to be in direct competition with so many companies that do the same thing, they have been in the internet longer than you and have bigger budgets and staff working on making their sites the most popular in every search engine.

The uniqueness of your business is what's going to give a better chance. If you serve a particular area you can concentrate your web presence on the area that is going to bring you the most business. If you have a carpet cleaning company that services the Houston area, you don't need everybody in the nation to know only the people in that area.

Domain names

The name you pick is the most important part of the job. The shortest, easiest to remember and write, the more likely people are going to use. At $8.75 a year, you can by multiple names. Your company might be named Flinto Rock Inc. and it services the Texas area. You might want to buy flintorock.com. At the same time you should also buy texasrocks.com if available and any other similar names. Chances are that somebody looking for rocks in Texas might just input that and you would be more likely to get a hit. When you have multiple domains pointing in the same direction, search engines find your site as a better.

If you want a great price in domain names you can click here.

Web site elements

  • Free - Include high traffic links to your web site if you include high popularity links to your site, the search engines are more likely to find and use your site. The high traffic sites like Yahoo, Amazon and others have high popularity values that go along with them. That is why you see so many directories when you browse the web. Not every company can do this, but if you can do it.
  • Metatags these are hidden words within some web pages that tell search engines what your site is all about. You should custom make each section of your web site with marching metatags. If you offer several services, the pages with one service should have metatags with that service and so on. Why re-invent the wheel, the best way to gather this tags is by typing the words you would like people to find your site in a search engine like yahoo, Then click the web site's links. In your window browser click on view code. In some cases you will not find them. There is a way that some companies can keep you from seeing the but within the first three you should find them. You can copy and paste them into your HTML code between the <head> and <title> tags. You should modify them to suit your specific needs and business you might not offer everything they do or might want to include so of your own. They are simple multi word fragments divided by commas describing your web site services and features. keyworddiscovery.com or wordtracker.com where you can get some of the most popular words to include in your metatags. Our websites allow you to add metatags click here to buy a five page website for under $6 a month.

    KeywordDiscovery API
    More information and other API options are here:
  • Sitemap For bigger websites like mine a simple sitemap will do great. I added one to my site after years without and saw a ten fold increase. from 17k 179k requests the first month.

    Helpful links http://www.hitx.net/help-protips.html

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