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Web site design

  • Don't get too creative keep it simple, the most element on web design is simplicity.
  • Go with the crowd follow the simple standards of web design. Keep the defaults, don't change the link settings, they are blue and underline people know them, don't make them guess.
  • Use white people still read better with a white or light background.
  • Logo top right corner of your web site.
  • Submenus top and left margins are the best for placing navigation bars.
  • Links It a good idea to include a second set of links at the bottom of the web page under the body copy for each page.
  • Contact information under the links you can include your contact information, phone, fax address, and e-mail. So that every time somebody prints a page the have way to contact you.
  • Web page size Most people can now see 800 by 600 pixels on their monitors, they can print pages better is they are designed in the smaller 640 x 480 pixels. You will see some sites have a link for a printable page, but it's better for the user to have an information web page be print friendly. Even if it's set up at a smaller size.
  • Use small sets of text you have a few seconds to capture your reader use small paragraphs and simple text. Divide multiple features into bullets.
  • Keep pages small if a page is longer that a scroll and a half, divide it into two pages.
  • Nice photos and images use attractive and up-to-date photos to attract the client. Make sure name each photo with a description of what it is. Search engines like that and would give you a better score, making your site more popular.

Regular marketing

  • A good rule is to use in all your marketing efforts your web site. Every sign, business card, letter, document, e-mail and any other possibilities need to have your web site.
  • All your marketing materials need to carry the same look, format even font. Whit the amount of advertisement we get bombarded each day we become more unlikely to pay attention to advertising. It is estimated that you have to see an ad up to 13 times before you pay attention to it. The more pieces you have that look similar the more likely your client will notice. If your business cards, letterhead, web site, signs and any other marketing materials don't look similar, each of them becomes an independent effort. Pick one and stay with it.
  • Your web site should be one of the most important items in all of your advertising, marketing materials and signage. People are more likely to remember your web site is it's easy to remember than your phone number.

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